FAQ: How To Set You Dj Play Cues?

How do you set cues?

Generally, you’ll want a cue point set at the very beginning of a track or the first beat. Be mindful that you may want to set the first cue point after any intro section. The first beat will often be the most useful. This cue point can be used as a starting point when beatmatching.

How do you use a DJ Cue button?

When you find the point of the track that you wish to start mixing from, you can set a cue point. It’s a little easier than it was with vinyl as you don’t have to patiently wait whilst holding the record. You simply set the cue point and when you’re ready to start the track, you press the cue button.

When should hot cues be set?

The last available Hot Cue is best used on the first beat of the outro of the track to allow for quick mixing out and into another song without the worries of vocals of both tracks playing over each other.

What is a cue DJ?

A Cue button is a point within a track which a DJ can start playing the music. Tapping the cue button helps DJs to count the beats and bars of the live music track being played. Phrase matching can be achieved once the cue point is fully activated and then pitch shift can beat match thereafter.

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What is a cue track?

A cue point is a deck cue that indicates an important point in the song, used to designate when in the track the music will play. It sets the starting point for the track so that you can perfectly beat match the two (or more) tracks together.

What is split cue on DJ mixer?

What is split cue? Split cue allows a DJ to listen to both the master output (what the crowd hears) and the headphone cue output (what you hear in the headphones to cue the next song) at the same time. It does this by splitting the two outputs between the two sides of your headphones.

What is hot cue in DJ?

Put simply, a hot cue is cue point that can be set on any track on the fly. Usually, multiple hot cue points can be set an individual track.

What do hot cues do?

What is a Hot Cue? A hot cue is a marker you can lay down at any given time within a track, when you press the hot cue the software will jump straight to this marker and play from that point. It’s like having up to 8 additional cue buttons for each track that you can name and customise with colour.

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