FAQ: Who Is Dj Ashba?

Who is DJ Ashba’s wife?

Congratulations to Guns N’ Roses / Sixx: A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba and actress/model Nathalia Henao! The couple, who announced their engagement only last month, have become husband and wife after a small ceremony in Las Vegas.

Where is Nathalia Ashba from?


What is DJ Ashba real name?

Daren Jay Ashba

What band is DJ Ashba in?

Daren Jay Ashba (born November 10, 1972) is an American musician, guitarist, songwriter, record producer, and graphic designer. He is currently the lead guitarist in Sixx:A.M.. He is also known for his work with hard rock bands BulletBoys, Beautiful Creatures and Guns N’ Roses.

Is Sixx AM broken up?

The band, which also features guitarist DJ Ashba, singer James Michael and drummer Dustin Steinke, hadn’t released any new music in two years and had been on hiatus since 2017. Ashba has since formed a new band, PYROMANTIC.

Who writes the songs for Sixx AM?

The song was written by Nikki Sixx, founding member of both Sixx:A.M. and Mötley Crüe. “Life Is Beautiful” quickly gained popularity and reached number two on the U.S. Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and number 25 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Who owns the Guns and Roses name?

Axl Rose Buys “Guns N’ Roses” Name – MTV.

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How tall is Ashba?

1.75 m

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