How Old Is David Hamilton Dj?

Is David Hamilton married?

Hamilton currently has his own daily show on The Wireless and works for BBC Radio Solent, Surrey and Sussex. He is married to his second wife, Dreena, and lives in Sussex. Between them they have five children and nine grandchildren.

How old is David Diddy Hamilton?

David Hamilton is one of Britain`s best known radio and TV personalities with a career spanning over five decades. During that time he has presented over 12,000 radio shows for BBC and commercial stations and over 1,000 TV shows mainly for BBC and ITV, but also on satellite. He started out as a writer.

Which radio station is David Hamilton on?

BBC Local Radio – David Hamilton.

Does David Hamilton DJ wear a wig?

and famously wore it back to front in one episode! I’ve always found it amusing that so many DJ’s have worn wigs:D. (Wogan/Blackburn/Jimmy Young/ David Hamilton). I know a few of them appear on TV, especially Wogan, but the vast majority of their working lives are spent hidden from public view.

Who said pop pickers?

BRITAIN: Disc jockey and broadcaster Alan Freeman, the man who coined the phase “greetings, pop pickers”, has died aged 79. Freeman died peacefully at his Brinsworth House home in Twickenham, London, yesterday, after a brief illness.

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How old is Tony Blackburn today?

Antony Kenneth “Tony” Blackburn, 78, was born January 29, 1943 and is an English radio presenter.

Where is Dr David Hamilton from?

Dr. David Hamilton is a retired transplant surgeon and a medical historian. A native of Scotland, Hamilton obtained his degree at Glasgow in 1963, studied transplant surgery with Sir Peter Medawar, and attended Oxford University to pursue an interest in medical history.

How tall is David from Hamilton?

Founded by radio heavyweights Phil Riley and David Lloyd, Boom Radio is a new national station for Baby Boomers – the UK’s 50, 60 and 70-something population – who are hugely loyal radio consumers, yet 85% feel underserved by stations on offer.

Who was the Hairy Cornflake?

DLT – real name David Patrick Griffin – cut his broadcasting teeth on pirate radio in the 1960s before landing the job of Breakfast Show host on Radio 1. Dubbed the Hairy Cornflake he also became a regular fixture on the BBC’s Top of the Pops show spending more than two decades as one of its regular presenters.

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