How To Project Videos Using Virtual Dj?

Can you play youtube videos on VirtualDJ?

In order to broadcast your Video mix to Youtube, you will need a valid Youtube account and have it activated for live streaming. Activation requires 24 hours before you can begin to start streaming live. Click on the STOP BROADCAST button for VirtualDJ to stop video broadcasting when you are done with your mixing.

How do I stream on VirtualDJ?


  1. Open the BROADCAST tab of VirtualDJ Settings and select the VIDEO option from the Select Tabs.
  2. Select the Twitch option from the Stream to drop-down list.
  3. Click on Show Key.
  4. A pop-up window will appear with your Stream Key.
  5. Paste the key into the Stream Key field in VirtualDJ’s Broadcast Settings.

How do I cast from VirtualDJ to my TV?

if your using windows you have to go into start, settings, display and “connect” the tv to the computer. once you do that you open up vdj and go to vidos tab and drop down menu and “select” your vidoe card, and then select window. you should see vdj on your tv.

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Does VirtualDJ work with streaming?

Bring the worlds biggest DJ record shop into your laptop. Stream million of tracks directly with VirtualDJ. Mix your own collection with Beatport’s catalog, access curated selections from artists and labels, and create your own instantly ready playlists. Start a free trial of Beatport Link today!

Which DJ software is best?

Most software offer “effects expansion packs” too.

  • Serato. The most popular choice among DJ’s in the US, Serato DJ Pro, one cannot forget Serato’s story.
  • Virtual DJ.
  • Pioneer Rekordbox.
  • Native Instrument Traktor PRO.
  • Ableton Live.
  • Algoriddim DJay Pro AI.
  • Mixxx.

How do I broadcast on Virtual DJ 2020?

Open Virtual DJ and click on the “Record tab” underneath your decks. Click on “Broadcast ” in the left menu. Click on ‘Start recording’. Virtual DJ is now broadcasting your audio.

How do I record my voice on Virtual DJ?

1- Connect your microphone to the DJ Console Rmx the top or front microphone input. 2- Launch Virtual DJ Page 2 Hercules® Technical support – 2 – 3- Open the CONFIG menu. Under Sound Setup, select the DJ Console Rmx as soundcard, then check the box Apply EQ on external inputs. Click APPLY to confirm the configuration.

How do you edit a video on Virtual DJ?

I load a video in the deck and it’s only playing audio. For your video settings go to Settings>Options>Search, type in video, this will give you all video options that are configurable.

How do I use karaoke on Virtual DJ?

To load and play a karaoke song, simply search for it or browse to where its located on your hard drive and then drag and drop it onto a VirtualDJ deck to play it just like a normal audio/video file. NOTE: For full-screen karaoke, you will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional.

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What DJ apps work with Deezer?

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken our collaboration with edjing, the world’s first DJ app, one step further with the launch of edjing’s brand new app. Now you can play with the entire Deezer catalogue and mix to your heart’s content on the more social, more intelligent, and more intuitive edjing app.

Is Spotify good for DJs?

Yes, you can DJ with music from Spotify without violating the law, however it violates Spotify’s Terms of Service. If you are using Spotify to DJ now, you need an alternative streaming service quickly.

Where do DJs get their music?

iTunes is the biggest and for DJs we have Beatport is one of the most popular digital download services for DJs to buy and download tracks. Others include Juno, Bandcamp and Apple Music (Formerly iTunes). Bandcamp is the best online retailer of music to support because they support the artist.

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