How To Use Dj Effects In Reason?

What is a DJ filter?

A filter is a combination of two different effects. Using different types of filters (high pass vs low pass), you can eliminate different frequencies. Many performers throw this DJ effect in to help with transitions. Turn the knob to the right, and you can cut the low frequencies.

What is the difference between a filter and an EQ?

Simple EQ is provided with just a cut/boost control for each frequency band. Filters are generally described as cut-only devices that are intended to remove some portion of the frequency spectrum. They come in three flavours: high-pass, low-pass and band-pass.

What is EQ DJ?

EQ stands for Equalizer. EQ switches on a DJ mixer adjusts loudness in decibels of low, mid and high frequencies within the audio spectrum. EQ filters are controlled by 3 dedicated knobs on a DJ mixer for each channel. It allows control of frequencies of each music track playing per turntable.

What is Spiralling effect?

The tendency of stuttering to increase in severity or frequency due to increases in fear, frustration or embarrassment produced by its occurrence; vicious circle.

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