Often asked: How To Beat Dj Octavio Splatoon 2?

How many times do you have to hit DJ Octavio?

Shoot Octavio repeatedly at the end of each stage to progress to the next section of the fight, and after you’ve downed him three times, you’ll be given the modified Rainmaker by Sheldon.

How do you get Callie in Splatoon 2?

In order to unlock Callie, players must have done these things:

  1. Complete the final mission of Octo Canyon.
  2. Return to Octo Canyon and listen to Marie’s dialogue with Agent 4 about locking the final boss in a snow globe and adding a TV.
  3. Exit Octo Canyon, and then return again.

How do you get to the final boss kettle in Splatoon?

After completing every previous level in Octo Valley, the Boss Kettle on the UFO floating above Octo Valley will be unlocked. At the very top of Area 5 is a Launchpad to Super Jump to the UFO, which will fly off into the sky when Agent 3 enters its Boss Kettle.

Why did DJ Octavio kidnap Callie?

DJ Octavio returns as the final boss of Splatoon 2’s Hero Mode, having kidnapped and brainwashed Callie to serve his own goals and use her for his own uses.

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Who is the final boss in Splatoon 2?

In the final of Splatoon 2’s five sectors, you’ll have to defeat one last boss: Octobot King II, piloted by DJ Octavio.

Will there be a Splatoon 3?

Nintendo first announced Splatoon 3 at February’s Nintendo Direct. Splatoon’s Inkling even crossed over with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 2018. Splatoon 3, which is slated for a 2022 release, looks like it will continue to play with that original formula and take the franchise to new places. 2

Is Callie an agent 1?

In Hero Mode, it is revealed that the she is Craig Cuttlefish’s granddaughter. She is also Agent One of the new Squidbeak Splatoon. Despite their title being “Squid Sisters”, Callie and Marie are actually cousins.

Is DJ Octavio a bad guy?

DJ Octavio is the main antagonist of the Splatoon videogame series, serving as the main antagonist and final boss of Splatoon and its sequel Splatoon 2, and as a mentioned antagonist in its DLC story Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion.

Is Agent 8 an Octoling?

Agent 8 was an Octoling soldier for the Octarian army and had a change of heart when the Calamari Inkantation was etched onto their soul.

How did Agent 3 get sanitized?

While Agent 8 was away, the Telephone attacked Agent 3, partially sanitizing them. Under the Telephone’s control, they tied up Cuttlefish and later attacked Agent 8 before they could escape to the surface. After being defeated, the sanitization disappeared, leaving them once again unconscious.

What is the final boss in Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion?

In Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion DLC, there is a secret final boss fight that awaits you. To unlock this final challenge, you must have completed all 80 of the station levels in the DLC, and completed the game with all of the collectible Mem Cakes that you can exchange for gear.

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What is Marie’s last name Splatoon?

Marina’s surname is revealed by her and Pearl’s chat log in the Octo Expansion to be Ida, making her full name Marina Ida (Japanese: イイダ, Iida). Pearl’s English surname is currently unknown, but is assumed to be Houzuki (Japanese: ヒメ, Hime). Pearl, an Inkling, is 21 while Marina, an Octoling, is 18.

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