Often asked: Who Played The Dj In Sixteen Candles?

What happened to the guy who played Jake in Sixteen Candles?

Where did Jake Ryan go? After Schoeffling retired, he moved out of California and headed east with his wife, model/actor Valerie C. Robinson. The couple opened a woodworking shop and furniture company in his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Who were the geeks in 16 candles?

Anthony Michael Hall played Ted aka Farmer Ted, a brace-faced geek who’s in love with Sam, in “Sixteen Candles.” Though the geek didn’t end up dating Sam, Anthony Michael Hall did date Molly Ringwald. The two Brat Packers were an item between making “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club.” Go, Farmer Ted!

What happened to Michael schoeffling?

The couple was still in Hollywood spotlight at the time. However, after Michael Earl Schoeffling retired from acting, he moved back to his home state of Pennsylvania with his wife and children. Michael Schoeffling is currently serving as the CEO of his furniture store in Pennsylvania.

Who was Molly ringwalds friend Sixteen Candles?

Like Ringwald, Gertz was an alumna of the prep-school sitcom The Facts of Life when she landed a role in Sixteen Candles; at 18, she got to play Caroline’s scissor-wielding friend Robin. Gertz went on to star in such iconic ’80s movies as The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero.

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Who is Michael schoeffling daughter?

Michael Schoeffling was 23 years old when the movie was made, Haviland Morris was 24, Gedde Watanabe was 28, and Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall were both 16. During the gym shower scene, that isn’t Haviland Morris. They used a body double because Morris’s breasts weren’t big enough.

What school was Sixteen Candles filmed at?

Most of the exterior scenes and some of the interior scenes were filmed at Niles East High School, close to downtown Skokie, the setting for Hall’s driving the Rolls Royce. A cafeteria scene and a gym scene, were filmed at Niles North High School.

What is 16 candles rated?

Although it’s rated PG (it was released before the PG-13 option existed), this is an adult comedy with teen characters.

What year did 16 candles come out?

He reportedly left Hollywood to start a furniture store in Wilkes Barre, Pa. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the now 59-year-old owns a woodworking shop.

What happened to Jake Ryan Hannah Montana?

At the end of the episode, Miley realizes she loves Jake more and reaffirms her relationship with him. In ‘It’s the End of Jake as We Know It,’ it turns out that Jake was cheating on Miley after a bandmate /friend of Oliver’s took a picture of Jake with another girl.

What is Molly ringwalds net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 80’s star is worth $11million.

Who is Michael schoeffling wife?

Molly Ringwald fell in love with Anthony Michael Hall while making John Hughes’ film. As the filming process went on, Hall and Ringwald became more and more interested in each other. In fact, Ringwald even told Hall’s mom that she was “falling in love” with her son.

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