Often asked: Who Was Dj On Full House?

Who did DJ marry in Full House?

Sometime after the Full House finale, D.J. went on to attend college. She eventually became a vet and married firefighter Tommy Fuller, Sr. The couple had three boys: Jackson Fuller, Max Fuller, and Tommy Fuller, Jr.

Who does dj choose in Full House?

D.J. chose Matt on Fuller House, but it’s more complicated than that. In the final episode she revealed that she had originally intended to choose Steve because of their history together.

Who was DJ’s rich boyfriend in Full House?

Nelson Burkhard is a recurring fictional character on Full House, played by Jason Marsden (and on Fuller House). He is a boyfriend of D.J. Tanner’s.

Did DJ and Steve from Full House date in real life?

D.J. and Steve were a classic on-again, off-again couple on “Full House.” Though actors Bure and Weinger never dated in real life, the two co-stars did maintain a close relationship offscreen. Bure even took Weinger to her real-life high school prom, as she revealed in a throwback photo on Instagram.

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What happened to D.J.’s husband?

Tommy was D.J.’s husband and worked in the fire department. In the episode “Our Very First Show, Again”, it’s revealed he passed away in the line of duty. It’s told by D.J. that he loved being a firefighter, and that he died doing what he loved: saving lives.

Does Steve marry CJ?

by the end of Season 3. His relationship future seemed really up in the air until now, but he announced in the first episode of Season 3 that he was definitely marrying D.J.’s personality doppelgänger, C.J. in Japan this year. Likely, Steve’s wedding will be the “big event” that the whole season builds up to.

Does D.J. and Matt get married?

Matt married D.J.’s high school nemesis Gia. The two popped by D.J.’s house on season five, episode four, “Moms’ Night Out,” to break the news by asking her to notarize their marriage license after a quick wedding in Vegas.

Why did Steve and D.J. break up?

The next day, D.J. takes Steve to Eagle Mountain, where they have a long talk, and they decide to break up because they are no longer as passionate about their relationship as they once were; all the passion, heat, fire, and air has gone out of it.

Are Steve and D.J. cousins?

Steve Tanner (played by ) is D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner’s 17-year-old cousin. He only appears in the episode “Just One of the Guys” (1.18).

Who was DJ’s first boyfriend?

Steve Hale. Steven “Steve” Hale (portrayed by Scott Weinger) is D.J.’s first steady boyfriend. In the season five episode “Sisters in Crime”, Weinger first guest-stars as Steve Peters, who is D.J.’s date to a movie that she ends up taking Michelle and Stephanie to.

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Why didn’t Jason Marsden Do Fuller House?

As it turns out, Fuller House did reach out to Marsden for a guesting spot, however, the actor decided against reprising the role. He didn’t get into any specific reason why, he was very supportive of his replacement.

Why did they replace Nelson on Fuller House?

They wanted the OG Nelson and they wanted him now — except it was actually Marsden’s decision not to reprise his role, which he explained in a three-part Twitter video on Tuesday (August 30). So don’t “eff Fuller House,” because this was Marsden’s decision. Instead, blame Dragon Con.

Is Kimmy really pregnant in Fuller House?

In this case, however, the answer is, no. Andrea Barber who played Kimmy for five seasons of Fuller House was actually dressed up as a pregnant woman for her scenes. However, actor Andrea Barber does have two children of her own, a son named Tate and a daughter named Felicity.

Why did Steve leave full house?

DJ and Steve break up during the ‘ Love on the Rocks ‘ episode Even though they dated for a good portion of high school, this couple decided to break up on Full House. DJ explains that climbing the mountain was scary but if she didn’t face her fears, she would’ve missed out on so much. Their relationship is the same way.

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