Question: How Does A Back To Back Dj Set Work?

What is back to back DJ?

Definition: In the dance music world, B2B or b2b indicates that two DJs will be performing onstage at the same time. This DJ would usually have his back to the audience, so the two performers would spend much of the show with their backs to each other.

How do two people DJ together?

The most common way for a DJ duo to perform is using a standard set of decks (see our recommended decks here) and mixer and taking it in turns to play one or two tracks each. This means they will also be sharing a music library and any preset settings they have built.

Can you DJ back to back online?

Back to back DJing, where two or more DJs take it in turn to mix tracks, or even take a side of the decks each, has long been a mainstay of some of the best sets dance music has to offer.

What does VS mean in EDM?

It just stands for ” versus “. It is used when the song features mashups of two or more tracks produced independently.

How do DJs play B2B?

Back to back, otherwise known as B2B is when you have two DJs on stage at the same time. The DJs will arrange between them how many songs they will play each during the back to back. Generally, this will be one track or two tracks each.

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How does a DJ duo work?

How do DJ duos work? DJ Duos work by having a solid foundation of a relationship. Duos not only DJ together but they travel, work and eat together when on tour, compatible personalities is essential. When DJing live, each DJ usually takes it in turns to mix 2 to 3 music tracks each and then swaps over.

Who do DJs work with?

DJs, or disc jockeys, work in a wide variety of settings. Radio DJs broadcast radio programs and play music from a studio. Event DJs work at special events, like weddings, parties, and corporate galas. Nightclub DJs control the dance music and entertainment for guests at bars, nightclubs, resorts, and on cruise ships.

What does a B2B set mean?

2015 proved itself as the year of the back-to-back (or b2b), one-off sets by DJs who don’t normally play together. (Typically, each plays a couple of tracks before trading off, though obviously situations vary.)

Can you DJ online?

The platform that’s welcomed live streaming DJs, MixCloud might not have the presence of its competitors, but it has something better — a deal with major record labels. The closest you can get to legally DJing online is doing it on MixCloud.

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