Question: How Much For Dj Drama To Host A Mixtape?

How do you host a mixtape as a DJ?

Approach Them Personally. Another thing you can do is approach a targeted DJ personally, and let them know about you and your project. Give them a sample of what you can do, and let them know how hosting your mixtape will benefit them. Let them know you’ll do your utmost to get their name out there with the mixtape.

What does a DJ do on a mixtape?

A mixtape is simply a recoding of a DJ set or a list of songs mixed or joined together in a sequence. They are created by DJs and other people who need recorded music or playlists. Nowadays, mixtapes are typically digital recordings but in the past they were recorded onto cassette tape, hence the name.

What does hosting a mixtape mean?

Hosting means that you, the DJ, showcases, if you have any, mixing, scratching, blending, and any other relevant skill associated with the art of DJing. In the current era of DJing many are annoying would be hypemen (i.e. DJ Khaled) douchebags (i.e. DJ Vlad), etc. and it would wise of you to not enter that territory.

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Who had the first Gangsta Grillz mixtape?

One of his first series (called Electric Relaxation) included a variety of R&B tracks. In 1998, he released his first mixtape ( Jim Crow Laws ) composed exclusively of Southern hip hop acts like Outkast, Three 6 Mafia, and Mystikal. The success of that tape led DJ Drama to start the mixtape series, Gangsta Grillz.

Do DJs really mix live?

The Pure DJ A DJ will be someone who playing either their own tracks or other artists. And will be are mixing tracks live. This means selecting tracks, adjusting speeds and then blending tracks using EQs and effects to create as seamless a mix as possible.

How much do DJs get paid?

As reported by the bureau of labor statistics, “DJs earn an average of $31,990 annually.” The top 10% earned up to $72,500 annually, while the lowest 10% earned up to $16,590. Club DJs and wedding DJs would probably earn more figures than the average annual wages, according to BLS.

Are DJs actually doing anything on stage?

Some people think that DJs just press play on a pre-recorded track and then fake the rest. There is little doubt that this does happen sometimes. However, most DJs are actively monitoring the crowd and selecting tracks they think will be best received next. As well as covering some other things a DJ does on stage.

Where can I post my mixtape for free?

Here are some of the most renowned free mixtape upload sites that’ll help drive your mixtape numbers to heights you’ve never seen before.

  • Datpiff.
  • HipHopDX.
  • Audiomack.
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How can I download mixtapes for free?

Top 10 Mixtape Websites To Get The Most Downloads 2021

  1. Datpiff. This is arguably the mixtape website that gets the most traffic.
  4. Spinrilla.
  5. Live Mixtapes.
  7. DaMix Hub.

Can I upload a mixtape to Spotify?

Time to add the mixtape/album to your Spotify. Open up Spotify in your computer, then click the top left “Edit” button, then “Preferences’ at the bottom. From there you can click the button “add a source” button and navigate to your mixtape file. Select it and click “ok”.

Does DJ Drama make beats?

DJ Drama, however, has built his 20-year career on curating the hardest hip-hop mixtapes. For me, the process always starts with the beat, because I don’t rap or sing.

How do I host songs?

The 5 best websites for musicians and bands to host music

  1. Bandzoogle. Shameless plug, yes, but if you only host your music on one website, make it your own band website.
  2. Bandcamp.
  3. SoundCloud.
  4. Audiomack.
  5. YouTube.

What is a DJ host?

Quite often rappers will spend several dollars to have a DJ host their mixtape. Hosting is a form of marketing that attaches their brand with that of the DJs, with hopes that his or her fans, will also download the new tape.

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