Question: How To Remove Cue In Virtual Dj?

What is the cue button for on Virtual DJ?

A Cue button is a point within a track which a DJ can start playing the music. Tapping the cue button helps DJs to count the beats and bars of the live music track being played. Phrase matching can be achieved once the cue point is fully activated and then pitch shift can beat match thereafter.

How do you remove a cue from a Rekordbox?

To delete a hot cue on Rekordbox, press ctrl + shift + a keyboard number. The matching hot cue will be deleted. With all Pioneer DJ controllers, hold the shift button and press a hot cue to delete it from Rekordbox. You can also delete a hot cue by clicking the “x” in its corner.

How do I delete memory cues?

If you are unhappy with a certain hot cue you can delete it by either holding shift and press the pad or by clicking the little X icon in the corner of the hot cue on screen.

How do I delete a cue point in Serato?

symbol in the cue point display area or hold SHIFT and press the HOT CUE button for the cue point you want to delete on your hardware.

How do you use a DJ cue?

When you find the point of the track that you wish to start mixing from, you can set a cue point. It’s a little easier than it was with vinyl as you don’t have to patiently wait whilst holding the record. You simply set the cue point and when you’re ready to start the track, you press the cue button.

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How do I use the keyboard on Virtual DJ?


  1. Open Settings and click “Controllers” in left side tab menu.
  2. For backward scratch, add the key ‘D’ with the action: scratch -120ms.
  3. For forward scratch, add the key ‘G’ with the action: scratch +120ms.
  4. Optionally to return to a cue, add the key ‘F’ with the action: cue_stop.

What cue means DJ?

To cue audio is to determine the desired initial playback point in a piece of recorded music. It is a technique often used in radio broadcasting and DJing. One dictionary definition is to “Set a piece of audio or video equipment in readiness to play (a particular part of the recorded material).”

What is hot cue in DJ?

Put simply, a hot cue is cue point that can be set on any track on the fly. Usually, multiple hot cue points can be set an individual track.

What is cue gain?

This invaluable tool will ensure you never skip a beat or moment when DJ’ing using your Party Mix controller. Additionally, you can use the Cue Gain knob to adjust the volume going to your headphones when using the CUE Mix feature.

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