Question: Who Is Dj Screw?

How did DJ Screw get his name?

His father, Robert Earl Davis Sr., was a long-haul truck driver based in Houston. It was Adkins that gave DJ Screw his nickname, after watching him use a screw to scratch through the grooves of songs he didn’t like. Screw was later sent to live with his father at the Quail Meadows apartment complex in Houston.

How old was DJ Screw when he died?

While Screw was slowing down the music, he was slowing himself down with various substances, especially codeine. It finally killed him, on November 16, 2000, at the age of 29.

How did DJ Screw?

An overdose of codeine, mixed with drugs, caused the November death of DJ Screw, according to a spokesperson for the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office in Houston, the hip-hop producer’s hometown.

What songs did DJ Screw produce?

Read through Joey’s selections below, and listen via our YouTube playlist.

  • UGK Tell Me Something Good (from ‘All Screwed Up Vol.2’)
  • Lil Keke and Big Pokey Peepin Through My Window freestyle (from ‘Chapter 13: Leanin’ on a Switch’)
  • 2 Pac Picture Me Rollin (from ‘Chapter 71: The Final Chapter’)
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Why is chopped and screwed?

“ DJ Screw would slow down all of the music and he would repeat certain beats and words and phrases,” says Grob. “The style became known as ‘chopped and screwed. ‘ Other Houston artists began using that style. People started releasing one album that was regular, and one that was a ‘chopped and screwed’ production.”

Where is DJ Screw buried?

DJ Screw was a beat head who studied his records front to back, inside and out. He left a legacy of over 300 tapes that perfectly captured his passion for recorded sound. Even if you’ve never been a fan of the his chopped and screwed style or it feels too extreme for your ears, give it another chance.

Is DJ Screw alive?

Dj Screw’s SS Impala was one of the most original SLABS EVER. He bought it brand new/Black. A SouthSide Legend.In A Blue Car, was the first to bring out his own Candy Paint (Screw Blue).

Where can I watch all screwed up DJ Screw?

After being teased since January, the official visual tribute for DJ Screw titled All Screwed Up is out now. Fans can watch an extended version with the purchase of a Screw Box at

Who influenced DJ Screw?

Influences, Technique & Style A major influence on Screw’s style is the DJ Darryl Scott. He’s often cited in articles on Screw, and despite being a popular DJ in the late ’70s and ’80s, it’s hard to find any recordings of his.

How did DJ Screw slow down?

To create the “chopped and screwed” effect on these tapes, DJ Screw simultaneously played two copies of the same record on a turntable and slowed each down using the turntable’s pitch control function. He then used the crossfader to switch between the records to repeat beats, words, and phrases.

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Was DJ Screw a producer?

Davis, better known as DJ Screw, wasn’ t the first DJ or producer to purposely pitch down music for effect, but he preserved the glacial pace throughout his 100-minute mixtapes, developing a uniquely psychedelic, ethereal sound that would come to be known as chopped and screwed, or, simply, Screw music.

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