Quick Answer: How To Master A Dj Mix?

How do I get a good mix and master?

Here’s a summary of the steps you’ll need to take when you master your mix:

  1. Optimize your listening space.
  2. Finish your mix (to sound mastered).
  3. Check the levels.
  4. Bounce down your stereo track.
  5. Take a break (of at least a day).
  6. Create a new project and import your references.
  7. Listen for the first time (and take notes).

How do you master DJ mix in Ableton?

However, it’s important that you follow some fundamental steps so that you don’t ruin your hard work.

  1. 2 1. Critical listening.
  2. 3 Prepare your Arrangement View In Live.
  3. 4 2. Setting Ableton’s Compressor.
  4. 5 3. Setting Ableton’s Limiter.
  5. 6 4. Balancing Volume levels of Your DJ Mix (outside-in method)
  6. 7 5. Bouncing down.

Should you compress a DJ mix?

You don’t need to compress the tracks that are playing quietly, you just want to catch the bits where you got excited and went too loud. You can now use the Ratio to determine how heavily the signal is compressed. A higher ratio will mean that the level of the louder parts of your mix is reduced more.

Is mastering necessary?

There is no doubt that adding mastering to your project will improve the quality of your music. Without it, your chance of making it in the highly competitive music industry decreases dramatically. For less than 40$, there is no argument: mastering is a necessity.

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Is mixing and mastering hard?

Home mastering is hard – but it IS possible. There’s no question that it’s difficult to master with the same monitoring (and in the same space) that you use for mixing, and it can be very difficult to get that impartial “distance” from your music to know exactly what it needs.

How do DJs record their mixes?

There are several tools for recording your mix. But the three most popular options are an external recorder, directly into the computer or internally using your mixing software of choice. For external recorders I recommend the Zoom H4N or the TASCAM DR-05. Both will do the trick for recording depending on your budget.

Where can I post DJ mixes?

Where to host your DJ mix? 4 sites that are alternatives to soundcloud

  • Mixcloud – Mixcloud is the most common current alternative to Soundcloud.
  • Hearthis– This German site, allows you to do pretty much everything mixes, play.fm, and mixcloud do.

Where can I find DJ mixes?

Another fast way to find quality DJ mixes is by looking up your favorite artists. On every DJ’s page, you’ll see a Mixes section with their most popular radio shows, podcasts, and live sets. From there, you can follow your favorite DJs to stay up-to-date with their latest mixes.

Which DJ software is best?

Most software offer “effects expansion packs” too.

  • Serato. The most popular choice among DJ’s in the US, Serato DJ Pro, one cannot forget Serato’s story.
  • Virtual DJ.
  • Pioneer Rekordbox.
  • Native Instrument Traktor PRO.
  • Ableton Live.
  • Algoriddim DJay Pro AI.
  • Mixxx.
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What do DJs use to mix?

Mixer. The mixer is the core part of any professional DJ setup. It is a type of audio mixing console that allows DJs to perform different effects and tricks. DJs use the mixer to make smooth transitions between different recordings while they are spinning a set.

What is the best DJ app?

7 Best DJ Apps for Mixing On The Go

  • MIXO (Mac/iOS) – Free.
  • djay (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) – Free.
  • Scratchers Delight (iOS) – £4.99.
  • WeDJ (iOS/Android) – Free.
  • RMX-1000 (iPad) – £19.99.
  • DJ Player Pro (iOS) – Free.
  • Mixxx (Windows/Mac/Linux) – Free.

How loud is a DJ set?

Somewhere in the middle is perfect, too. On average, venues set limiters between 80 and 100dB, so how does this limitation measure up for a DJ event? To put in perspective, 85dB equals the sound of applause or loud traffic.

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