Quick Answer: What So Not Dj?

What So Not real name?

Sydney native What So Not (real name Chris Emerson ) has announced a special homecoming show for his birthday this February, and he’s holding it at his local, the Mona Vale Hotel.

Was Flume part of What So Not?

Harley Streten, aka Flume, has announced his departure from What So Not, his collaborative project with fellow Sydney producer Emoh Instead.

How old is Harley flume?

How old is Flume? as born on November 5, 1991, and from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and he is 28 years old. He is the son of Glen Streten (father) who is a filmmaker and record producer and Lyndall (mother) is horticulturist and former teacher.

What is flumes real name?

However, as Flume notched up more live appearances, more remixes, more appearances in commercials, and as his Facebook fans surged, sales grew. By the end of last year, Flume’s recordings alone were generating up to $76,000 a month for Mom + Pop, his US label.

What genre is what so not?

We’ve discontinued and removed Flume New Tab (browser-extension) from the Chrome Web Store and our website. If you want to uninstall it from your browser, see support.flumeapp.com/article/39-how … For @setapp users, the 2.8.

What genre of music is flume?

Harley Edward Streten (born 5 November 1991), known professionally as Flume, is an Australian musician, DJ and record producer.

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Does Flume sing?

Taking to his official Facebook page, Flume shared an excerpt of a track titled ‘3’, on which he sings… although, it’s more like yelping and howling than strict singing. “This is one of the few songs on the record that I sing on,” he wrote. “I recorded the vocal through my laptop mic.

Is Flume a real word?

a deep narrow passage or mountain ravine with a stream flowing through it, often with great force: Hikers are warned to stay well clear of the flumes, especially during the spring thaw. an artificial channel or trough for conducting water, as one used to transport logs or provide water power.

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