Quick Answer: Who Is Dj Afrojack?

What happened to Afrojack?

After 15 years of playing everywhere from small clubs to big arenas, Afrojack is now using a hands-on approach to discover and mentor young DJs. He’s the CEO of the talent management company LDH Europe and the head of his own record label.

Where is DJ Afrojack from?

Afrojack – “Ten Feet Tall” (feat. Lift your spirits with this Afrojack song featuring singer-songwriter Wrabel. The progressive house single cracked The Hot 100 in 2014, and is closing in on 200 million total streams.

What nationality is DJ Osocity?

OSOCITY Is a American based DJ and record producer with a talent that has taken him international. DJ’ing in countries such as Israel, France, Dubai, Luxembourge, England, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Saint Maarten and America. OSOCITY has wide variety of musical selection and loves to blend genres.

Why are there so many Dutch DJs?

There are so many Dutch DJs because EDM got popular in the Netherlands before most other countries. The music got played in public places, festivals, and on the radio, generating a broad audience. This led to EDM becoming part of Dutch culture, which led to lots of interest in becoming a DJ.

How much is Calvin Harris worth?

On The Sunday Times Rich List published in April 2015, Harris was ranked the 30th richest British millionaire in music, with a personal fortune of £70 million ($105 million). In 2018, he made $48.5 million.

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How old is Hardwell?

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Afrojack and Snoop Lion have remixed Eminem’s famous “My Name Is” to say “my name is… Afrojack.” Lest anyone misinterpret the producer’s intentions, the video was accompanied by a disclaimer on Facebook stating, “For the record, I love Eminem and Ron Burgundy!

Is Afrojack EDM?

Grammy award winning DJ and producer, Afrojack, is one of the most influential names in electronic dance music today. Afrojack is adept at shifting between genres and playing with his sound and it’s easy to see why his skills are some of the most sought after in the world.

How old is Guetta?

Martin Garrix ($ 19.5 million )

What height is Afrojack?

2.08 m

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