Readers ask: How To Install Virtual Dj?

How do I download and install VirtualDJ?

How to Download and Install VirtualDJ 2021 for Windows

  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button to visit the VirtualDJ download page.
  2. Choose the PC VERSION.
  3. The download will begin automatically.
  4. Once the installation is complete, LAUNCH VIRTUALDJ to begin.
  5. VirtualDJ will load and you can add in your music and enjoy.

Is VirtualDJ 2020 free download?

A survivor, Virtual DJ has been making music for millions of users for more than a decade. The latest version adds new controllers and full compatibility with Windows 8 multitouch surfaces. And it’s still free.

What do I need to run VirtualDJ?

Recommended Hardware requirements

  1. Intel® i5™ or better, or M1 processor.
  2. Mac OS X v10.15 or later.
  3. Multi-channel soundcard.
  4. 8 GB RAM.

How do I install VirtualDJ on my Apple laptop?


  1. Open the downloaded file from your Downloads folder (or folder that you have specified for downloads) and double click on the installation file.
  2. Read the End User License Agreement and click Continue.
  3. A box will appear asking if you agree to the terms of the license agreement.
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Which VirtualDJ is the best?

Top 5 DJ Software: Options for Digital DJs.

  • Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro.
  • Serato DJ.
  • Ableton Live.
  • Mixxx.
  • MixVibes Cross DJ.

Can you use Spotify with VirtualDJ?

” Does Virtual DJ work with Spotify?” Currently, there is no Virtual DJ Spotify integration. Thus, there is no official way to Virtual DJ and Spotify together.

Can I use VirtualDJ for free?

VirtualDJ is free to download and use at home (for non-commercial purpose and without any use of professional gear such as USB Controllers and DJ mixers).

Can VirtualDJ play MP4 files?

There are two ways that you can broadcast your mixing online with Virtual DJ. You aren’t limited to streaming MP3 files from your library; Virtual DJ’s MP4 support enables you to mix and broad MP4s just as well.

Is Virtual DJ A application software?

VirtualDJ supports more DJ controllers and hardware than any other software. With plug & play support for over 300+ controllers, the choice of gear is all yours. Keep your options open and your gear fully under your control with VirtualDJ!

Is virtual dj a system software?

The software has a default layout made of two turntables (vinyl or CD) associated with a central mixer. As a professional DJ software, Virtual DJ allows users to plug in their DJ controllers. It also works with custom DJ systems built by users and it recognizes any different hardware turntable or mixer.

How do I go back to Virtual DJ 2020?

While technically you could, what we recommend is that instead you let VirtualDJ 2021 replace 2020, and if you want to go back to 2020, inside the options, search for “mathEngine” and set it to “disabled”, that will bring you back to *exactly* the same as the current released version of vdj2020.

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How do I install Virtual DJ on my laptop?


  1. Click on the Windows/Mac download button depending on your Operating system to download it.
  2. Double-click to install the Add-on once its downloaded.
  3. A confirmation window appears verifying proper installation. Click OK.
  4. In most cases, you will need to restart VirtualDJ for it to appear in the list.

What is the best DJ app for laptop?

The Big 3 – The ‘Big 3’ DJ software apps are Traktor, Serato, and Rekordbox, of that there is no doubt. Virtual DJ is up there too. But, for professional, reliable, industry-standard use, you can’t really beat the ‘Big 3’.

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