What Happened To Dj Laz?

Where did DJ Laz go?

DJ Laz is returning to the air waves, the self described King of Miami Radio announced in an Instagram post Wednesday. “I am super excited to announce that after a VERY long one-year contractual noncompete, I am returning to South Florida radio,” said the Miami resident born Lazaro Mendez.

Is DJ Laz married?

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Is Pitbull related to DJ Laz?

DJ Laz, aka Lazaro Mendez, was operating a Voli Vodka promotional boat at a Sandbar party hosted by the liquor company, of which Miami rapper Pitbull is a spokesperson and co- owner, when it got stuck in the sandbar, according to the complaint in Miami-Dade County Court.

Why is DJ Laz handicapped?

Because of a muscular disorder, the baby’s legs were severely deformed. “The diagnosis was that he would never walk,” remembers Orestes Mendez, Laz’s father, now an 82-year-old with a raspy voice. “They told us he would have to lie in bed for his entire life and we would have to feed him and change him.”

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